The Center for At-Risk Elders, Inc. is a lawyer-led team of advocates guarding Indiana’s neglected, abused and exploited elders. The Volunteer Advocates Program is a key component of the Center for At-Risk Elders (CARE).

Far too many adults and elders are unable to make quality decisions for themselves as a result of an incapacity, requiring guardian services. Yet a significant number have no family or friend who is appropriate to serve as guardian. This is where the Volunteer Advocates Program comes in. CARE matches Volunteer Advocates one-on-one with men and women in need of a guardian.

Guardianships allow trained, court-approved volunteers to provide oversight and advocacy for adults admitted to the hospital who have dementia, mental illness, developmental disability, chronic addiction or brain injury and no friend or relative to advocate on his or her behalf.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Advocate, you must submit an application, provide personal references, and complete a criminal background check. Those who successfully complete the application process are required to complete initial training totaling approximately 8 hours. Ongoing continuing education is also part of the program. A minimum commitment of one-year is requested.

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