CICOA presents Honor Your Father and Mother Conference on Oct. 27 to support family caregivers

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Caring for a loved one can be rewarding, but it also comes with lots of challenges, as it can be emotionally, physically and even financially draining. CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions understands these challenges and is providing a workshop on Oct. 27 to help those who are caring for aging parents or family members with disabilities. Area clergy and lay leaders also are invited to attend the conference, so they can better understand how to support those within their faith communities who are caring for loved ones.

Thanks to medical advances, people are living longer than ever before, however, more people also are living with chronic conditions that negatively impact their quality of life. Caregivers often struggle with how to best care for their loved ones.

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Words that Matter

One of my favorite things that happens at CICOA is Gratefulness Tuesday.

Each week, members of CICOA’s Wellness Committee send an e-mail to the staff. The e-mail usually includes an inspirational quote, a favorite of one of the committee members or one suggested by others on staff. The message is an opportunity to pause, reflect and be grateful – a note of encouragement to one another.


Threats to Safety in the Home

When observing caregiving situations, we see that it is very often the caregiver—rather than the elder—who is concerned about threats to safety in the home. This is not surprising; many who have lived independently the majority of their lives feel quite confident that they are capable of continuing to do so, while their caregivers worry about the potential safety hazards in the home and are inclined to make life-altering decisions on behalf of the elder that are based on the presence of those hazards.


Meals You Can Make Without Turning on the Stove

Making healthy and delicious meals at home doesn’t have to be synonymous with cooking. In honor of Fall Prevention Awareness Day (Sept. 22), I’ve put together five healthy meals you can make at home that are easy and don’t require cooking or a lot of time standing.


100-year-old homeowner and elderly neighbors to benefit from CICOA Safe at Home day

Nearly 150 volunteers will converge on the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood Sept. 30 to make homes safer and more accessible for older adults like 100-year-old Jimmie Luton. Luton has lived in her present home in the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood since 1972 and on the same street since 1929.

Volunteers will install grab bars and handrails and make other improvements to 20 neighborhood homes to reduce the likelihood of falls among older adults.  Luton, who lives independently, cooks her own meals, and until last year was still driving, welcomes the help.