Your tax-deductible donation, no matter how large or small, helps provide a broad array of services to older adults and persons of any age with a disability in Central Indiana.

Your gift may be applied to any of the following:

Provide Emergency Aid

CICOA needs your help to keep seniors cool this summer. Many older adults live on fixed incomes and can’t afford to keep their air conditioning running. Others have no air conditioning at all. You can help provide an air conditioner or box fan to a senior in need by visiting our Donate Now page. Under Gift Information where the form asks “Use my Gift to Benefit,” please select “Heat Relief.”

  • $120 provides an air conditioning unit.
  • $16 provides a box fan.

The Client Assistance Fund offers flexibility to respond to unforeseen needs that are not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance or other programs. This fund also offers aid to prospective clients awaiting approval of services and to existing clients who are waiting funding for the items and services they need. The Client Assistance Fund has provided aid to flood victims, assistance with prescription and utility bill costs, maintenance on medical equipment, and provided fans and air conditioners to clients during the hot summer months. Having a flexible funding source outside of federal and state programs enables clients to find the solutions they need to remain at home.

  • $200 provides rent and utility deposits for a person to move out of a nursing home and into their own apartment.
  • $200 provides four all-day visits to an adult day care.
  • $100 provides five hours of respite services for a caregiver.

Tackle Hunger

You can provide a hot and wholesome meal or provide nutrition education for a homebound senior through a gift to CICOA’s Meals & More program.

  • $25 helps a person with diabetes learn how to manage his or her disease.
  • $35 provides a week’s worth of hot, nutritious meals.
  • $100 provides a home–delivered meal, five days a week for three weeks.

Make Homes Safe and Accessible

Your gift to CICOA’s Lifelong Living Communities Safe at Home program helps seniors and people with disabilities continue living in their homes with enhanced safety and accessibility.

  • $75 pays for a transfer bench to help someone safely shower in a bathtub.
  • $300-$500 provides two or three grab bars in a bathroom.
  • $300-$600 provides handrails or banisters inside or outside a home.
  • $850-$1,200 installs a 5’x5’ egress landing with handrails.
  • $2,500-$3,500 covers the cost of a treated, wooden ramp
  • $3,750 covers the cost of multiple modifications typically required for a home-bound senior or person with a disability.

Leave A Legacy

Help CICOA through planned giving, such as a bequest with the CICOA Foundation as the beneficiary. We can help you determine how this giving option best suits your needs.

For more information about planned giving and other ways to give, please contact:

Susan Cornacchione, Vice President of Development

Unless otherwise noted, all gifts to CICOA are applied to the CICOA Fund, an unrestricted fund providing for essential services including home-based medical and health care, transportation, legal services, advocacy, information, counseling, housing assistance, caregiver support and many other services.