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Work Smarter Not Harder:

Daily Habits to Save Your Energy

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As our gift to you, CICOA is offering this e-book, Work Smarter Not Harder: Daily Habits to Save Your Energy, for FREE.

Everyday activities can have a toll on your body, and when you’re caring for a loved one, those tasks and chores can zap your energy and even cause pain.

Do you feel tired or experience neck, back or joint pain after doing household chores? Tasks such as cooking, cleaning, vacuuming, laundry and more all take energy, and when you're caregiving for a family member, you may hold more responsibility for getting these tasks done.

By following the strategies in this e-book, written by an occupational therapy student, you can save your energy with small changes and daily habits.

This 10-page e-book has four sections with specific tips and tricks to help you conserve your energy throughout the day as you tend to caregiving and household tasks:

  • Body Mechanics Part I: the way you move your body while doing tasks, sitting and standing
  • Body Mechanics Part II: lifting techniques to reduce muscle strain and fatigue
  • Work simplification: changing the way you do a task or using adaptive equipment for less physical demand on your body
  • Activity pacing: planning activities and paying attention to the body's signals to avoid overexertion

It's important for you to take care of yourself so that you can take good care of your loved one. See how conserving your energy by working smarter can help you tackle your to-do list without fatigue and injury!

Get your e-book instantly and start feeling more in control of your energy!

Free e-book about saving your energy for caregivers and adults
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