Greenwood bus driver named Caregiver of the Year

It all started over a heart-shaped pizza on a cold winter afternoon in Garfield Park. Maria Dampier was a single mom trying to make ends meet. She wasn’t interested in dating. But then Bill Dampier asked her out for pizza, and she said, yes. They were both bus drivers at Perry Township Schools.

They were married on Dec. 30, 1972. On that happy occasion, she couldn’t imagine how things would turn out. Instead of growing old together at home where they built their lives around four children, Maria spends her days caring for Bill as Alzheimer’s robs him of his ability to walk, say more than a word or two, or to care for himself.


Speaking Up and Reaching Out

Orion Bell Square HeadshotAs a nonprofit organization, CICOA is able to advocate for policies that are consistent with our mission and benefit the people we serve.   Advocacy and education on issues are important tools in helping develop a society where we can all “live, age and thrive.”


The Myth of Multitasking

kunk_kate_socialWhile most of the public awareness messaging about distracted driving focuses on the deadly consequences of cell phone use (hands-free or not) and texting, long ago I was involved in a major vehicle accident that totaled two vehicles. I used no electronic devices and had no passengers or other distractions. Unfortunately, I was lost in thought about a caregiving issue, was late for work, and failed to see that traffic had stopped on a major highway.



5 foods that age you and other tips on looking and feeling younger


Our skin, teeth, hair and nails all contribute to how old we look. Plus, our energy levels, heart function and digestion all contribute to how old we feel. So, it’s not what we put on our faces that’s going to make us look younger. It’s all about what we put in our mouths and how much we move our bodies.


Making Strides

This is the story of seven-year-old Ean VanGordon. Ean is already learning how to set and achieve his own goals and to direct his own care.

Is Central Indiana Dementia Friendly?

The Dementia Friendly America initiative grew out of a 35-community Minnesota program called ACT on Alzheimer’s. During the 2015 White House Conference on Aging, Dementia Friendly America committed to expand to 15 communities beyond Minnesota in a year. Over 48 communities across 36 states now have joined Dementia Friendly America and are striving to become dementia friendly.

Next month, participants from healthcare, local government, public safety agencies, non-profit organizations and consumer groups will come together to discuss awareness and education on Hamilton County becoming a Dementia Friendly Community.