Music Therapy Offers “Healing” Experience for CICOA Clients

One of CICOA’s goals is to enrich the lives of those it serves. That’s now happening through music therapy. Amy Rohn, a Celtic harpist from Indianapolis, volunteers her time to bring her music into the homes of several CICOA clients each month.

While music therapy at CICOA is in its early stages, it’s already garnering a positive response, said Tara DeBoo, CICOA’s volunteer coordinator. Studies have shown the emotional and health benefits of music therapy. Because so many seniors experience loneliness, DeBoo hopes this new program will help combat that.


The Best Way to Understand People

A listening session implies a commitment to do just that – listen.   It should also be so much more.   It is commitment to process and evaluate and act.   It is the beginning of the journey, not its end.  As we enter into this season of giving and reflection, the art of listening is one of the greatest gifts we can offer one another.


Bringing Light to Dark Thoughts

I have never fully understood why pain seems more poignant during the holidays.  However, I do know, generally speaking, that we have some choice about how we respond to our own dark thoughts.  I’ve also learned that there are techniques I benefit from when attempting to combat—for example—sorrow.


Yes Virginia, You Can Enjoy the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

The best way to control overeating is to mentally prepare. If you’re going to be out shopping, pack trail mix or nuts, or keep some healthy snacks in the car. If you’re preparing a holiday meal, make sure the menu includes a veggie tray and a fruit salad or fruit tray, which add great color to a holiday spread. If you’re attending parties, eat something healthy before you go.


Volunteers Provide Holiday Assistance to 700 Clients

CICOA holiday assistance totes

Holiday totes, Be A Santa to a Senior gifts, and wooden toys for CICOA clients

Almost 700 older adults and people of any age with disabilities will receive some extra holiday assistance thanks to generous volunteers, donors and partners of CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions. CICOA’s holiday program, now in its 21st year, provides donations of food, gift cards and gifts to case-managed clients in greatest need of support. When shared with others living in the same households, the holiday assistance program serves 1300 individuals.


Secret Santas Deliver Holiday Cheer to Area Seniors

Image of Christmas Tree with Be A Santa to a Senior ornaments

Be A Santa to a Senior Christmas Tree at Needler’s Fresh Market

For many of us, the holidays are filled with plenty of cheer with parties and gift-giving and family gatherings. Not everyone shares in all the merriment, however. Thousands of seniors will spend the holidays alone.

Home Instead, which provides care to the elderly, saw firsthand how many of their clients became depressed over the holidays. The organization decided to create Be A Santa To A Senior to collect gifts for older adults. This year, more than 2,300 gifts will be delivered to approximately 450 seniors, including 180 clients of CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions.


Fight Fraud: Guard Your Medicare Card

Image of new Medicare Card

New Medicare Card

If you have Medicare, you can protect your identity and help prevent health care fraud by guarding your Medicare card like you would a credit card.

Identity theft from stolen Medicare numbers is becoming more common.  Medicare’s here to help by removing Social Security numbers from Medicare cards and replacing them with a new, unique number for each person with Medicare.  Medicare will mail new Medicare cards with the new numbers between April 2018 and April 2019.