CICOA Launches Website for Caregiver Support Program and Video Series

Because CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions understands that being a family caregiver can be isolating and stressful, it is making available its popular video series, CareAware: Help and Hope for Family Caregivers, and additional online resources on a new website,

On the site, visitors will find the six-part CareAware video series and  workbook, small group leader resources,  video transcripts, a caregiver blog and more.

CICOA created the CareAware video series in 2016 as a way for faith-based and other organizations to host caregiver workshops. Until now, the series has been available on the website with a login. Videos and other information are now easily accessible, without requiring registration or a login.


My Favorite Colonel

A trip down memory lane is a reminder of the importance of those day-to-day activities that define our lives and our place in the world. Good health, mobility and access to community services are important, in part, because they allow us to form the bonds, the memories that make us unique. Our community is more vital, our lives more fulfilled, when we are able to share our experience with others. It is part of what we mean at CICOA when we talk about promoting quality of life.


Beating the January Doldrums

The start of a new year definitely has its bright side!  Regardless of how we felt about our lives and the world in a prior year, there’s usually at least some rush of adrenalin and sense of empowerment accompanying the drop of the ball in Times Square on New Year’s Eve and the purchase of a crisp new calendar.  Closing out an old year can be such a boost to morale as we draw the proverbial line in the sand and consider that better things are just around the corner.


Ditch Dieting

It’s a new year, and that means you may have made some resolutions. If you’re like most, you plan to lose weight or eat healthier. I’m urging people to forget about the New Year’s resolution to diet. Let’s face it, the majority of people give up on it by February anyway. I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to get healthier, but let’s try a goal that is attainable and is still good for health. For starters, move more.


Getting Troubles Out of Your Head

photo of client receiving holiday gifts

“Things are stressful, so it may be small, but it means the world,” Cindy said. “It makes you get your own troubles out of your head for a little bit.”

Cindy was sitting in her recliner where she spends the better part of each day, talking to her care manager. In her lap was a gift bag containing a new fleece blanket and a package of socks. A tote filled with holiday food was on her kitchen table, along with a poinsettia, delivered as part of CICOA’s annual holiday assistance program.

On Friday, Dec. 15, CICOA staff and 70 volunteers delivered 300 food totes and 100 gift cards to CICOA clients. Counting those “adopted” by other community partners, more than 700 clients received some form of holiday assistance, which including other household members, impacted almost 1400 people.


Central Indiana Senior Fund Awards CICOA $120,000

Central Indiana Senior Fund logo

The Central Indiana Senior Fund, a CICF Fund, recently awarded CICOA a Key Provider grant totaling $120,000 over three years. The general operating grant will help CICOA in its role as a key provider of services for older adults.

“Our partnership with the Central Indiana Senior Fund allows us to make sure that the elderly in our community have basic necessities and can live with a sense of dignity and worth,” said Orion Bell, CICOA president and CEO. “The Central Indiana Senior Fund is among our most valued relationships.”

The investment from the Central Indiana Senior Fund will be used by CICOA to help seniors successfully age in place by providing access to healthy food and nutrition supports and transportation services. CICOA meets these basic needs for clients through its Meals & More, Way2Go and Safe at Home programs.