CICOA Honors Martinsville Man as Central Indiana Senior Volunteer of the Year

Martinsville resident Joseph Mills was named Central Indiana Senior Volunteer of the Year by CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions at a June 23 luncheon. The award honors an older adult who has tried to make his or her community a better place to live.

The eight finalists already had been named Volunteer of the Year by the Council on Aging in their home counties, and a panel reviewed the nominations to select a regional winner.

“All of our honorees have made significant investments of time and energy, and they set a powerful example for others to follow,” said Orion Bell, CICOA president and CEO. “We are profoundly grateful for the difference they are making in our community.”


Two Summer Projects for Healthier Living

Orion Bell Square HeadshotAs you bite into that fresh ear of corn,  slice a tomato picked from your garden, or walk into your air-conditioned home after mowing the lawn, remember that you’re not just enjoying the summer, you’re also taking small steps to improve your health.


Relatively Speaking…

Ah, summertime…that long-awaited season of warmest weather, outdoor activities, trees and flowers in full bloom, fresh berry cobbler, and the famous—or infamous—family reunion.

Whether it’s an elaborate week-long gathering in Orlando or a Saturday afternoon at the park or bowling alley, forget the details for a moment and consider the actual time spent with family you may not have seen in awhile.  How have things changed since your last gathering?


Summer Offers Good Eats at Local Farmers Markets

There’s nothing quite like taking a bite out of the first juicy tomato of the season or a peach plucked right from the tree. Green beans fresh from the garden have a better snap and, of course, a much better flavor. That’s why I love farmers markets. And right now is the perfect time to shop at your local farmers market, because so many fruits and vegetables are in season, from tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower to berries, melons and peaches. Freshly picked, in-season produce has the best flavor—and the most nutrients.


Retiree Gives Back Through Volunteering, Receives CICOA Spirit Award

CICOA Volunteer Sherry JacksonWhen Sherry Jackson retired from Navistar in 2012, she knew she wanted to give back. So she started researching organizations where she could volunteer and make a difference. One day, she and two of her sisters walked into CICOA. They didn’t know a lot about the organization, but they were interested in knowing more. They spent nearly an hour at the nonprofit’s headquarters and learned all about its services and programs.


CICOA Elects New Board Members, Honors Donors and Volunteers at Annual Meeting

For the first time, CICOA Aging & Home Solutions has elected a client to its board of directors. Case Calvert, an Indianapolis graphic designer, joins the CICOA operating board. Calvert, who was born with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, has been a client of CICOA since 1999. Calvert is a Powerchair Football World Cup champion and has become an example for others who live with disabilities.