Partnership with Eskenazi Health Connects Patients in Need to CICOA Services

When Eskenazi Health doctors have an elderly patient struggling to find a ride to an appointment, they talk to Greg Gordon. If their patient is struggling to live alone but doesn’t want to go to a nursing facility, they call Greg Gordon. In fact, CICOA’s field operations manager is so well known at Eskenazi, many refer to him as CICOA Greg.

This wasn’t happening three years ago. Back then, a lot of physicians didn’t even know CICOA, and those who had heard about the organization didn’t fully understand just how many services CICOA provides to seniors and people with disabilities.


One Woman’s 40-Year Perspective on Care Management

Carolyn Kaptain, today a phone options counselor, joined CICOA in 1978 and has been witness to the growth and changes in the roles and expectations of care managers since those early days. I asked her what is different about her work today compared to the ’70s. She pointed out four major areas of change: technology, the growth of the programs, the variety of services and the role of the care manager.


Questions to Ask Your Care Manager

Caregivers (whether new to the role or seasoned with lots of practice) often seem to be unaware of the extensive help that is available to them in the form of professional case management.  Without the help of a case manager, a caregiver may feel lost and frustrated as he/she tries to discover resources and fresh ideas using trial and error or word of mouth.


Potluck Recipes That Will Make Everyone Want to Dig In

We are entering the long-awaited warmer months. After a long, chilly winter and spring full of warm, cozy and comforting meals, our taste buds are probably beginning to crave more fresh fruits and vegetables, food prepared on the grill, and anything that can be enjoyed outside.


Introducing Flourish Care Management

CICOA has rebranded its care management service as Flourish Care Management. 

By developing a brand identity for our care management team, CICOA aims not only to inform the way staff approach their jobs, but also to energize teams around outcome-based, person-centered thinking.

Person-centered thinking is an approach that prioritizes the needs and goals of the client in developing plans of care and involves them in determining what success looks like.



Care Management: Flourishing Together

As a CICOA Care Manager who is passionate about each of my clients, I am always looking for new ways to do a better job, to push case management to new heights, and create an experience for my clients that will help them have a better today. The branding of care management with the term Flourish gave me a new perspective through which I can accomplish this.