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An American Thanksgiving

Orion Bell Square HeadshotThanksgiving has been part of the American tradition from the very beginning.  In 1621, the Pilgrims joined with native Wampanoag people to mark the first Thanksgiving, a feast in celebration of a bountiful harvest in the New World.  The land was fertile, game was plentiful and the neighbors both peaceful and helpful.  Prayers of gratitude and days of celebration marked the good fortune of the settlers.


Cultivating Thankful Hearts in a Thankless Job

Cindi UebeleLet’s be blunt: Caregiving is a thankless job.  If you relied on receiving thanks from the person you care for—or from others in your life who are thankful you stepped up to the plate but never really understand all you do or have sacrificed—if you relied on receiving their thanks, you could end up very bitter.  So how does the caregiver cultivate a thankful heart in a thankless job?


Healthy Hacks for the Holidays

Tiffany CoxFood is as much a part of the holidays as family. Alas, many of those treasured recipes are full of sugar, sodium, fats and calories and lack basic nutrition. It’s OK to indulge a little bit; most people do. But maybe it’s time to tweak those holiday recipes for a lighter, healthier option?


Way2Go Grant Seeks to Improve Health Outcomes

The Central Indiana Senior Fund, a CICF Fund, awarded $25,000 to CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions to fund Way2Go Senior Medical Transportation Assistance, a pilot program in collaboration with Eskenazi Health’s Community Outreach and Resource Efficiency (CORE) Care Team. CICOA and Eskenazi Health are targeting transportation services for low-income seniors age 60 and older who suffer from multiple chronic health conditions and who may be non-compliant with their care plans due to lack of transportation.


One Meal More

This holiday season, every dollar you give to #OneMealMore campaign of CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions leverages $5 in food support for older adults in Central Indiana. Your gift, of any amount, provides appetizing, nutritionally balanced meals that are vital to sustaining health and quality of life.

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