Get on Board with Transit Drives Indy

Lack of transportation is a major barrier to the community for many older adults and people with disabilities. Limited transportation options make it a challenge to reach medical appointments, shop for groceries or find employment. It contributes to social isolation. An investment in public transportation will help expand services, reduce waiting times and promote a more livable community.


Proud to Carry the Torch

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As Indiana’s founders sought to establish a just society and celebrated the pursuit of happiness, CICOA’s mission is to promote independence, dignity and quality of life. We understand that achieving these aims enriches the lives not only of the people we serve, but of the whole community—a community that includes everyone, at any age or ability.

We may not have been here 200 years ago, but we are proud to carry a torch for the ideals of the Hoosier state.


A Vehicle Called Hope

kunk_kate_socialMaking the effort to live in an attitude of hopefulness requires a daily choice. Each day we must focus and determine to choose hopefulness over fear, anxiety and regret. Note that this is not a dreamy-eyed optimism that has no basis. Quite the contrary, Viktor Frankl was someone who appeared to always see the glass half full in the face of some of life’s greatest tragedies.


Warm up this fall with heart-healthy soups

cox_tiffany_socialAs temperatures begin to cool, there’s nothing better to warm up with than a delicious bowl of soup. While it’s easy to turn to canned, prepared soups, they often can be filled with preservatives and lots of sodium, which isn’t good for your heart. Instead of choosing pre-made varieties, consider healthier options you can make right at home.


Fight Fraud by Guarding Your Medicare Number

Health care fraud drives up costs for everyone in the health care system. One way to protect against such fraud is to guard your Medicare number. Fraud schemes often depend on identity thieves getting hold of people’s Medicare numbers, so treat your number as you would a credit card.

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Continuing the Conversation with Faith Communities about Caregiving

hymf_event-artAre you a member of a faith community? If so, please help us reach out to your clergy and lay leaders by inviting them to CICOA’s “Honor Your Father & Mother” conference for faith community partners. The half-day workshop will be held Friday, October 28, 8:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., at the Purpose of Life Ministries, 3705 W. Kessler Blvd. N. Dr., Indianapolis, 46222.

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