Key points

Breaking the bond between a caregiver and care recipient by abuse can have disastrous consequences.

Recognize signs that your loved one is being physically abused.

Seniors are less likely to report abuse.

Abuse also may be directed toward the caregiver.

Monitor your stress level.

What if they refuse to cooperate with your care?

Financial exploitation can happen to people of all means.


Icebreaker questions (choose one)

What’s the worst weather-related storm you have ever experienced?

If you designed an obstacle course, what would be your signature obstacle?

What is your favorite pet?


Discussion questions

What was most meaningful to you in this video?

Do you often find yourself frustrated or angry with your loved one?

Have you been the recipient of abuse from your loved one?

Several experts in the video said, ” Pick your battles.”  What is a battle you are fighting that you can let go?

Has your loved one been the victim of financial exploitation by family, friends or strangers?

What safeguards can you put in place to address this?

Review the Caregiver Weekly Check Up


Periodically reviewing these questions may help you be more aware of what is happening in your caregiving journey and find perspective to make better decisions. Even if you don’t journal, you may find it helpful to discuss these questions with a small group, healthcare professional, or other supports.

Caregiver Weekly Check Up

Help and Hope for Family Caregivers accompanying workbook.