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If it’s good for me, it’s good for you!

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CICOA’s efforts to create Lifelong Living Communities for seniors and people of any age with a disability are based on several core beliefs.   One of those is that what is good for seniors is good for everyone.   While this may sound a bit egocentric to the younger crowd, these few examples should prove otherwise.

  1. Lifelong Living Communities contain homes that have one entrance without steps; hallways and doorways at least 32 inches wide; and a bathroom on the main floor.   This helps seniors using walkers and canes to get in and out of the house, maneuver around the home and use the bathroom safely and easily. It also helps the teenager who is using crutches while recovering from a sports injury.
  2. Installing single handle faucets on all sinks, especially in the bathroom, helps seniors who have trouble grabbing and turning knobs, turn on the water and switch from hot to cold. It also is advantageous to the parent who is holding an infant and has only one hand available for drawing warm water.
  3. Installing grab bars on each wall around the bathtub makes getting in and out of the tub less scary for seniors and provides them some peace of mind.  Grab bars also have saved younger adults and children from serious accidents in the bathtub.
  4. Widening all sidewalks to at least four feet unobstructed (no fire hydrants or light poles in the middle) allows two wheelchairs to travel side by side so the occupants can carry on a conversation.  It also allows parents pushing strollers to pass bikers more safely.

Examples of “what is good for seniors is good for everyone” also abound in the areas of transportation, housing, employment, health, infrastructure, and community service.  I will mention some of these in future blogs.