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Leverage Your Gifts Into Something More

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Leverage:  noun le•ver•age \ˈle-və-rij, ˈlē-; ˈlev-rij, ˈlēv-\ influence or power used to achieve a desired result; (alt.) verb to use (something valuable) to achieve a desired result

What comes to mind when you hear the word leverage? A wrench or crowbar? An investment strategy? A business tool? A television show?

At CICOA, we think about an approach to philanthropy. Leverage is one of the few words that is both a noun and a verb.  It is both something we have, and something we do together. Leverage is about finding ways to multiply small gifts to create a much greater impact.

CICOA’s unique role as an Area Agency on Aging gives us tools to leverage your gifts into something more.  Much more.


  • Our access to public grant funds means that we often are able to take the donated dollar and find matching funds that can turn one dollar into two, or five, or ten.
  • Our partnerships with 30 local nonprofit organizations extend services throughout our eight-county service area.
  • Our network of more than 300 public, private and nonprofit service providers offers home-based care services that help people safely age in place and offer respite to their families.
  • Our collaborations with volunteers, donors, healthcare systems, government agencies and community stakeholders provide the opportunity to identify community needs and ways to meet them.


There are many excellent reasons to give to CICOA:  our mission; the people we serve; our expertise in meeting the needs of older adults, people with a disability and family caregivers; even our gold rating with Guidestar.  A quick review of our annual report tells the story of an organization that provides effective services and good stewardship of the resources entrusted to us.

Here’s another reason. When you give to CICOA, your gift is multiplied through our role as a convener, broker, fiscal agent, advocate and funder of programs and services that promote independence, dignity and quality of life for people in Central Indiana.   Your gift gives us leverage and a powerful tool to help those in need.

Thanks for your support.   And your leverage.