Exceptional Experiences Committee Leads CICOA on Imaginative Journey

POSTED: May 31, 2017

“Imagine your patient is the most important person in your life and ask yourself how you would deliver the care you are giving in a different way?” – Fred Lee, author of If Disney Ran Your Hospital

CICOA will soon be asking all 250 employees to imagine.

The Exceptional Experiences Committee is setting the stage to shift CICOA’s focus from providing a service to creating an experience. Creating an experience requires a commitment to engage clients on an emotional, physical, intellectual and even spiritual level.

Compassion has always been a job requirement when serving CICOA clients. However, interacting with clients so that they may fully experience compassion is a new challenge. The Exceptional Experiences Committee will lead CICOA employees on an imaginative journey to do just that. This is no small task, as it requires a dramatic shift in the way success is measured. In fact, it is an expectation that we focus on what cannot be measured at all.

The measurable–individuals served–will always be an important number representing lives touched by CICOA. However, this committee will encourage employees to shift our focus from service to theater through the art of creating genuine compassionate experiences.

The committee–comprised of Beth Brown, Sarah Cranford, Nancy Hann, Adrienne McLean, Dana Robinson, Tonya Robinson, Charlotte Stidom, Natalie Troski, Robyn Weisenbach, Alandria Wells and Ashley Werner—is following guidance from the book “If Disney Ran Your Hospital, 9 ½ Things You Would Do Differently” by Fred Lee. The author contends that focusing on the unmeasurable client experience (outcomes) will improve the measurable (outputs) while enhancing the experience for both client and employee. Exceptional Experiences will be in full effect when we redefine the term “customer” to include anyone we interact with at the office or depend upon to be successful in our roles at CICOA.

The Exceptional Experiences Committee builds on the cultural foundation CICOA has set over the past two years using communication principles with a focus on our internal values of integrity, courage, accountability, respect and excellence. Working alongside CICOA’s Innovation and Communication Teams, this committee represents the voice of the customer in our ongoing process improvement initiatives. The integration of the work of all three dynamic teams will result in a culture that acknowledges Exceptional Experiences are not what we do but rather who we are.

By Beth Brown, Vice President of Human Resources



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