Indy TV engineer leads by example by joining CICOA’s Signature Community

POSTED: March 20, 2019

When Mark Flesner was growing up in Peoria, Ill., it wasn’t unusual to find him at his grandma’s side helping set up food and tents for those seeking assistance with the American Red Cross, delivering meals to seniors or Christmas baskets to those in need.

“She taught me to always give back,” Flesner said.

He’s carried that mantra with him throughout his life. As a member of the CICOA Foundation, Flesner gives his time, his money and his talents in helping raise money and recruiting others to get involved.

Supporting a Need in the Community

Flesner, an engineering supervisor at RTV6, isn’t shy about asking others to give to CICOA to help low-income seniors and people with disabilities.

“I say, what if your grandparents or parents needed help, what if your niece or nephew needed help? Would you sit on the sidelines, or would you volunteer or give?” Flesner said.

Flesner is not one to sit on the sidelines. In addition to his work on the Foundation Board, he volunteers on the marketing and communications committee. He’s hosted CICOA at RTV6 to help explain to staff the work the organization is doing. He’s helped organize the annual Signature Breakfast fundraiser. And in 2018, he presented findings from CICOA’s Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults in Johnson County with Susan Cornacchione, CICOA’s vice president of development. But that’s not all.

A Monthly Gift to CICOA Helps Low-Income Seniors and People with Disabilities

Flesner is part of CICOA’s Signature Community giving club, where he pledges a monthly gift to CICOA that’s automatically deducted from his account. He decided to join the Signature Community for several reasons:

  • It’s easy. He doesn’t have to remember to send in his contribution or log on to an account.
  • A monthly gift is easier to budget.
  • CICOA does so much for seniors and people with disabilities that he wants to ensure the organization gets sustained funding.
  • Flesner is 59, his wife Kathleen is 62, and they know they may need CICOA services one day.
  • As a board member since 2009, Flesner says it’s imperative that board members participate in giving along with volunteering their time.

Joining the CICOA board was an easy decision for Flesner. For starters, how could he say no to former CICOA board member Sue Pharr Weaver, a friend since grade school? She knew that Flesner had produced and directed a weekly broadcast called Senior Kaleidoscope with the Area Agency on Aging in Peoria and had a heart for seniors. So, she asked Flesner to replace her when her term ended.

“I thought it was something I could get behind,” Flesner said. “We were fortunate enough that we could take care of our parents, but I know other families need CICOA’s help. I’ve always been a champion for senior rights.”

Join Flesner in the Signature Community with your monthly donation


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