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One Call Does It All

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One of the commercials that seemed to play continuously on local TV when I was growing up was for a plumbing, heating and air conditioning contractor.  The ad including a snappy jingle and a phone number with the tag line, “One Call Does it All.”  The jingle was unavoidable, and if you got the tune stuck in your head, chances are the phone number was stuck there, too. Whatever went wrong at your house, this guy could take care of it.

The Aging and Disability Resource Center at CICOA doesn’t have a snappy jingle.   But we do offer a “No Wrong Door” approach to providing information, resources, programs and services. The approach is person-centered:  an exploration of options that best meet the individual needs, goals and desires of the consumer.  We refer to the ADRC staff as Options Counselors, and they serve as navigators to those seeking advice, assistance and support.  People call us with many different questions, but often that question comes down to, “What should I do?”

For many, the first contact with CICOA is a phone call.  Calls from older adults; from the parent of a child with a disability; from the daughter caring for her mother with dementia; from healthcare providers who want to refer a patient for services.  Questions about transportation, safe and affordable housing, financial assistance, meals and health insurance.  How do I know which assisted living center to select?  Who can help me with legal advice? Each question, each person, is unique. Each answer is tailored to the needs of the individual.

If one call can make a difference, imagine what 113,000 can do.  That’s the number of phone calls handled by the ADRC last year.  Each call can be the first step to an improved quality of life through better health, better care or lower costs.