CareAware offers a variety of free, onsite workshop opportunities for corporations, civic organizations, government, and faith communities to provide critical resource information to caregivers and anyone in a position to assist them.  All workshops include substantial supportive print material.

The Managing Care Workshops are designed for workplace or other venues where caregivers are present. These are based on a three-step “self-care-first” formula for successful caregiving that emphasizes one’s own preventive care, effective stress reduction and management, and knowledge of/access to community supports, particularly those of CICOA.

CICOA Services Overview

CICOA is the premier source for information and access to resources for Central Indiana seniors, persons with disabilities and family caregivers. This presentation provides and overview of available services.

Managing Work and Care

Ideal for caregivers attempting to balance the responsibilities of work, family, and taking care of a loved one, this workshop provides important information that is essential, if not lifesaving! It can be facilitated at any worksite and will accommodate any work schedule.

CareAware Options for Caregivers

This workshop raises awareness to important keys for managing stress and familiarizes both caregivers and the general public with survival tips and resources that are critical for the caregiver’s journey.

CareAware Options for Community Leaders

If you could offer just one Hoosier the greatest possible dignity, independence and quality of life—simultaneously helping Indiana taxpayers to save money—would you do it? This workshop demonstrates the value and how-to’s of community support for older persons, those of any age with a disability, and family caregivers—for the benefit of everyone!

CareAware Options for First Responders

Developed with the assistance of local firefighters, this in-service presentation introduces first responders to CICOA as a critical community partner and resource.

CareAware Options for People of Faith

For people of all faiths, this workshop provides techniques for reaching out and ministering to caregivers in very practical ways within your own faith community.

CareAware Options for Clinicians

This in-service training focuses on engaging and supporting family caregivers utilizing the “P-SM-CR” formula for optimal client outcomes and includes the CICOA Services Overview.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Are you one of the 57,000 grandparents in Indiana raising a grandchild? This workshop offers a good working knowledge of community and government supports to help you on the journey.

Seniors and Poison: How to Stay Safe®

This interactive workshop is developed by the Indiana Poison Control Center to increase awareness of medication safety in the home.

Seniors and Balance: How to Stay Safe

Participants in this engaging workshop learn pointers for changing mindset, behaviors and environment in order to reduce fall risk—and reducing injury if a fall does occur.

Seniors and Driving: How to Stay Safe

One of the most challenging, controversial questions related to aging is often that of whether or not an individual is safe to drive. This workshop offers great tips for older drivers, caregivers, and anyone concerned about road safety.

Aging Awareness and Sensitivity Training

What does it feel like to experience losses and challenges associated with aging—visual and hearing disturbances, manual dexterity impairment, balance or speech issues? This workshop delivers hands-on familiarity with many challenges, instilling sensitivity for successfully relating to anyone experiencing them.

Preventing the Unthinkable: Averting Abuse Secondary to Caregiver Burnout

This workshop explores the extreme urgency of preventing caregiver burnout, demonstrating that some forms of elder abuse can be averted with proper, timely caregiver support.