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Your Touch Has an Impact

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Touch can be healing. It’s a way to communicate and can produce feelings of affection, gratitude or sympathy. Touch can be a blow or a brush, a crash or a caress. But touch always has an impact. We truly appreciate all the kind touches from CICOA’s family of donors, volunteers, advocates and community partners. No matter how you’ve touched CICOA, your touch is more important than you know.

We just printed CICOA’s annual report for fiscal year 2017. It is a chronicle of the people and lives you’ve touched. I invite you to see how you’re part of the story, and I’m honored by every person, every company, and every foundation that chose to reach out to touch CICOA.

To all our individual donors – I hope you feel proud to see your name on our list of donors. I do. I want you to know that we will be good stewards of your gifts. CICOA has earned the Gold Participation Level through the GuideStar Exchange, which affirms our commitment to transparency. You may not know the names of the individuals you’ve touched, and they don’t know yours, but your thoughtful generosity continues to empower CICOA clients with the greatest possible independence, dignity and quality of life. We are thankful for all our generous supporters for your donations of time, talent and treasure that bring services to more people.

To all our Signature Breakfast and Safe at Home sponsors, corporate donors and foundation funders – your generosity to CICOA is an investment in our work and the people we serve. Your contributions allow us to plan our spending and create new programs. Your investment is even more important because it allows our organization to respond to ever growing and changing needs. We’re so grateful that all our champions, leaders, benefactors, advocates and supporters are part of this story, touching the lives of so many.

Never think you don’t have an impact – your fingerprints can’t be wiped away from all the big or small marks of kindness that you’ve left behind. Your fingerprints never fade from the lives you’ve touched. Because you’ve touched CICOA with your gifts, you’ve also touched the lives of many seniors and people living with disabilities in our community. Thank you for reaching out to touch the lives of others.