Mission, Vision & Values

CICOA is a nonprofit making a difference in Central Indiana.


CICOA empowers older adults, those of any age with a disability, and their caregivers by providing the innovative answers, services, and support they need to achieve the greatest possible independence, dignity, and quality of life.


Indiana – a community where older adults and those of any age with a disability flourish.



CICOA supports the exercise of individual initiative to make choices and to enjoy life without unnecessary restrictions.


CICOA respects the rights of others, is sensitive to differences, and affirms the dignity of all people.

Quality of Life

CICOA strives to enhance people’s lives through the promotion of good physical, social, emotional and mental health and participation in the whole community.


CICOA provides equality of opportunity and treats all individuals in a fair manner, without prejudice and free from all special interests.


CICOA believes that partnering with other organizations creates greater opportunity for accomplishment of its mission than by working alone.

Exceptional Service

CICOA seeks to exceed its clients’ and stakeholders’ expectations with the highest quality programs, outreach, activities and communications.