Wrinkle Innovation

Designing and building the future of home- and community-based care

CICOA is bringing innovative solutions to market that improve quality of life for older adults, people with disabilities and family caregivers and that build capacity and efficiency for the organizations that serve them.

Wrinkle Innovation, our venture studio, is a model for intrapreneurship and corporate innovation. We walk alongside staff and collaborative partners to ideate, prototype and launch new solutions to better meet the needs of the vulnerable populations we serve.

We leverage almost 50 years’ experience in the elderly and disability service industry with today’s vision to design and build the future of home and community-based care.

CICOA is committed to creating a more just and inclusive world by designing products and services by and for those not typically represented by venture capital initiatives.


View our work. Watch this space for more ideas coming to life soon!

Duett is a for-profit tech start-up designed to match people who need in-home care with providers who offer the services.

Do better care together. Twain Health powers collaborations between health care and social care.

Postbook is a postcard-writing kit designed to create intergenerational connections through the lost art of letter writing.

This comprehensive solution for community-based organizations ensures compliance with ever-evolving standards and regulations and promotes a culture of excellence and consistency.

Innovation at CICOA

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How You Can Partner With Us

Invest for Impact

Capital investment in CICOA’s Wrinkle Innovation companies and external entrepreneurs helps deliver home- and community-based care solutions to older adults, those of any age with a disability, caregivers and the organizations that serve them.

If you are looking to invest in good people with good ideas in a high-growth industry for sustainable social impact,
contact CICOA today.

Build a Venture Studio

Want to build a culture of innovation across your organization? We provide consulting services to support the innovation efforts of community partners within our own industry.

CICOA’s Venture Studio model is the best solution for overcoming indecision and charting a path forward. Deploying CICOA’s Strategy and Innovation Playbook, we will help you create a permanent, productive innovation function.

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