Monthly Giving

Join the Signature Community of monthly givers making a lasting difference

With a growing population of aging Hoosiers, the need for CICOA's services continues to increase.

Your monthly gift sustains the services and programs that help seniors and people with disabilities live with greater independence, dignity and quality of life.

Why join the Signature Community?

  • It's easy. Donations are deducted automatically every month. You don't have to remember to send in your contribution or log in to an account.
  • A monthly gift is easier to budget.
  • Your pledge to donate monthly has a big impact and makes a lasting difference by offering sustained funding.
Monthly Giving Signature Community

“What if your grandparents or parents needed help, what if your niece or nephew needed help? Would you sit on the sidelines or would you volunteer or give?”

Mark Flesner is a member of the Signature Community and a longtime CICOA volunteer.