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See how the people of Central Indiana are impacted by CICOA’s support and services.

News & Stories

See how the people of Central Indiana are impacted by CICOA’s support and services.

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Donate to Help Seniors and People with Disabilities

Make CICOA Part of Your Legacy

A Guide to Planned Giving Now that it’s January, you may be planning on getting your finances in order, going through paperwork, or making changes to your will. These are all important and responsible ways to prepare for a new...
Tom Ayer

Meet CICOA’s Planned Giving Manager: Tom Ayer

When asked about his work, Tom Ayer likes to compare his role to planting trees. Ayer is CICOA’s first corporate and planned giving manager.  “If you picture planting a tree out in the yard, in 20 years, you’ll have nice...
Tauhric Brown CEO

CICOA’s New CEO Living Out Dreams of Helping Others

Tauhric Brown always knew he wanted a career where he could help make lives better for others. He knew it from the time he was a child when he spent his summers with his grandmother in Atlanta and saw how...
Volunteer to help seniors in need in Indianapolis

Indy woman volunteers, discovers a new friend

When Linda Pratt retired from Indiana University School of Medicine, she decided she wanted to volunteer. If you ask Ellie Petry, Linda is so much more. Yes, Linda helps Ellie with grocery shopping. She reads Ellie’s mail, helps pay some...
Daughter Having Serious Conversation with Senior Mother

Do You Trust Me?

When Caregivers Have to Make Difficult Decisions for Their Parents When was the last time you were faced with making a tough decision? What do you remember feeling? Were you nervous? Tense? Anxious? What about hesitant? Whether the decision is...
Zionsville High School Students Deliver Holiday Totes to Seniors

Zionsville Students Deliver Holiday Totes to Seniors

On Friday, Dec. 13, ten students from Zionsville Community High School’s Customized Learning Program boarded a Way2Go shuttle. Karren Sondrini, director of CICOA's Way2Go transportation service and their driver for the day, turned around to give some instructions: Find a...

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