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Laurinda Swank and her mother Theresa

Giving from the Heart

Central Indiana is home to enough nonprofit organizations with worthy causes to make an interested donor’s head spin. How to choose one over another? Laurinda Swank believes in following her heart.  “Seniors and children are a soft spot for me,” said Laurinda,...
Person-centered care social worker with senior woman

Person-centered Thinking Improves Quality of Life, Quality of Care

CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions is working in partnership with Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) and other community partners to redesign long-term services and supports (LTSS). Our hope is that by 2024, we’ll have a managed care approach...
Mom cares for child having a seizure

What is Quality of Life and Quality of Care?

The telephone rings. On the other end of the call is a waiver service provider who has just walked into an adult client’s home filled with feces, urine, vermin, flies and standing water. On another occasion, a home video is provided by a member of a client’s individualized support...
Richard and Linda Daily in the Garden

CICOA Seeds Encourage Gardening

Linda Daily remembers her parents working circles around her in the garden. She hated all the planting, weeding and picking, but it was a way of life for her Depression-era parents.    “My family was the same,” Linda’s husband, Richard, chimed in. “I have four older...
Handheld foods to eat without utensils

Eating Without Utensils

Good nutrition is key to healthy aging. However, many older adults live with a variety of conditions—including dementia, arthritis or tremors—that can impact their ability to feed themselves using utensils. If a loved one has trouble with utensils for any reason, you often can turn any food into finger food simply by cutting it into smaller pieces.  Check out these ideas...
Best senior care options

Best Senior Care Options: It’s About Location

Location. Location. Location. You may think that’s important only in business, but it’s also important when considering health and quality-of-life. We call it the social determinants of health—a fancy phrase that means you’re likely to have better health outcomes when...

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