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CICOA Transportation provides independence for Indianapolis adults with disabilities

Looking for Independence

“We would have a Harley if we could see,” Mike Bowman said with a chuckle. Through 46 years of marriage, Mike and Connie Bowman have shared many ups and downs, but they’ve experienced something that most couples don’t—they lost their...
Drink Up

Drink Up, It’s Good for Your Health

Everyone knows water is good for you. We’ve been told to drink eight glasses of water a day for as long as I can remember. What most people don’t understand however, is just how important water is. Nothing we put...
Managing Change from a Distance

Managing Change From a Distance

Caregiving is challenging, whether near or far away from a loved one. When living in close proximity, caregivers may feel overwhelmed by the routine itself, i.e. the number, frequency and difficulty of tasks required. However, performing the caregiver role from...
Questions to ask your care manager

Questions to Ask Your Care Manager

Caregivers (whether new to the role or seasoned with lots of practice) often seem to be unaware of the extensive help that is available to them in the form of professional case management. Without the help of a case manager, a...

Partnership with Eskenazi Health connects patients to CICOA services

When Eskenazi Health doctors have an elderly patient struggling to find a ride to an appointment, they talk to Greg Gorden. If their patient is struggling to live alone, but doesn’t want to go to a nursing facility, they call...
Whitney Scott

Care Management: Flourishing Together

As a CICOA Care Manager who is passionate about each of my clients, I am always looking for new ways to do a better job, to push case management to new heights, and create an experience for my clients that...

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