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Urban Farming Farmers Market

Urban Farming, Farmers Markets Help Alleviate Hunger

Food insecurity affects families in every nook and corner of Indiana. Digging deeper, 2 of 10 families in 38 of the state’s 92 counties say they have no idea when their next meal will be or where it will come...
Running to Win

Running to Win

Are you familiar with the world’s 800+ marathon events annually?  This long-distance foot race of about 26 miles is completed by running, walking or a combination of the two, and there are also wheelchair divisions.  Marathons are fascinating and wildly...
Easy healthy Meals to make

Easy, Healthy Meals to Make, Take to Others

When someone is sick, recovering from surgery or going through a hard time, we often want to do something to help. If you’re like me, you like to bring comfort to others with a good, home-cooked meal. But, what to...
CICOA Blogs News

WWII Survivor Remembers Hardship, Human Kindness as Refugee

Lyudmila was four years old when the war started. On June 22, 1941, Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union with a massive army of more than three million soldiers. Lyudmila’s father was conscripted to fight in the Soviet resistance. As...
CICOA Blogs News

Barbara Finally Able to Breathe Easy

Barbara Hayes used to be afraid to sleep in her own bed for fear she’d stop breathing and not wake up. Her doctor told her she stopped breathing 20 times in one night. So, she moved to her living room...
Mary's 109th Birthday

Mary Celebrates 109th Birthday

Ask Mary her secret to living to be 109, and she’ll pause for a minute to think about it. Not because she has trouble speaking, it’s just that she’s not really sure the secret to her longevity. “Well, I had...

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