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81-Year-Old Mary Stays Active

For 81-year-old Mary, staying active is not difficult. She is soft-spoken and sweet, and greets people with a warm hug. Every day she calls members of her St. John Missionary Baptist Church congregation to see how they are doing and...
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Medicaid Waiver Helps Eligible Individuals Remain at Home

Moving into a nursing facility may not be the only option for seniors or those with disabilities who require assistance with activities of daily living. Individuals who meet Medicaid requirements who are at risk of institutionalized care may want to...
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Five Ways to Help Seniors Keep Their Minds Sharp

To help seniors keep their minds active, caregivers can encourage them to: Learn something new. It’s never too late to take up a new hobby, visit a new park or theater or learn to play an instrument.Stay connected. Seniors should...
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And the Best Substitute for Sleep Is…

Actually, there IS no substitute for sleep! Ironic, isn’t it?  Some of the things that make us better caregivers are the very things that are in short supply because of caregiving. One glaring example of this is sleep. We don’t...
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CICOA Care Transitions Provides High Quality of Care, Reduces Health Care Costs

After Clarissa, 84, fell down the stairs of her home, she was rushed to Methodist Hospital where she was diagnosed with a brain contusion and spent seven days in the Intensive Care Unit. For the next several weeks, however, she...

Respite Gives Parents Time to Refocus

In 2008, Stacie was pregnant with twin girls when she went into premature labor at 20 weeks. One of the twins was born and didn't survive. Four weeks later, the second twin, Sydni, was born without a pulse but was...

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