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See how the people of Central Indiana are impacted by CICOA’s support and services.

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Granddaughter of Freed Slave Leads Life of Service

Born in 1906, Willa, 105, is CICOA's oldest client. The granddaughter of a freed slave, Willa was taught from her earliest childhood to honor the memory and sacrifice of her ancestors by leading a life of service. Despite growing up...

Youngest Client Opens Eyes to Possibilities Ahead

At five months of age, Ryder came home from the hospital for the first time and became CICOA's youngest client. Now one year old, he has endeared himself to all who know him. Ryder was born with an extremely rare...
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Tips for Healthy Eating on a Budget

We could all use some tips to save a little cash.  It does take a little planning and time to save money on your food budget.  I’ve found this planning makes dinner time more relaxing as well.  Picture yourself getting...

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