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CICOA Blogs News

Boy Born Without Limbs Grows Up to Live Independently

When Jane had her first child 27 years ago, she wasn’t prepared for what followed. Her son, Brandon, was born without legs or arms. It’s such a rare congenital condition, there is no name for it. At first, she could...
5 foods that age you

5 Foods That Age You and Other Tips on Looking and Feeling Younger

I don’t think any of us want to look our age. That’s why so many of us do what we can to try to look younger. It’s no wonder the anti-aging skincare market has ballooned to a more than $30...

10-Year-Old Emma Is Beating the Odds

When Jeff’s daughter Emma was born, he prepared for the worst. He knew Emma had holoprosencephaly, and that babies with this brain defect typically live only a few weeks or sometimes months. Emma beat those odds. She’s now 10. She...

Way2Go Keeps Indy Senior From Being Homebound

Julia doesn’t like to think what her life would be like if she didn’t have CICOA’s Way2Go transportation service. Julia, 73, not only is concerned about taking care of her own needs, but she also cares for her 75-year-old brother....
CICOA Blogs News

Eddie Returns to Community Living With Care Management

“I thought I was 10 feet tall and bullet proof.” Eddie, 57, is a double amputee above the knee. Diagnosed with diabetes in 2001, the former boxer and security guard from Beech Grove, Ind., thought he could beat the disease...
CICOA Blogs News

Stephanie Finds Peace of Mind, Stability After Falls

“The last fall was the worst of all,” Stephanie said, tracing an imaginary line from her forehead to her lip to indicate the length of the wound she suffered after a fall in May 2016.  Stephanie, 58, had gone to...

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