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Gardening and harvesting

Bringing Innovative Ideas to Life

If you want to see something grow, you must invest in multiple ways to have a productive garden. That’s a key lesson I learned growing up in “the country,” in a small community in south-central rural Indiana. My sisters and...

Meal Delivery Has Been a Godsend for Franklin Woman

There have been days Rosemary just didn’t have the strength to make dinner. The 87-year-old Franklin woman has always been good about eating healthy, but over the last few years, she feels herself getting weaker. “When I went to the...
Recipe cards

Simple Recipes for Holiday Gatherings

Whether you're looking to expand your list of go-to recipes to bring to a holiday potluck, or seeking something simple, fast and cheap to make, these recipes are sure to be a hit. Whenever we gather with family and friends...
IStock 1394922878 Compliance

Every Organization Needs Protection from Fraud, Waste and Abuse

I learned long ago the importance of saying no. Saying no to lavish dinners paid for by vendors or potential vendors. Saying no to “free” tickets to sporting events. Saying no to gifts or anything with a value of more...
Healthy foods that can prevent cancer

Cancer Awareness and Prevention: Make Healthy Food Choices for Protection

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – a month that is meaningful to many as breast cancer, and all cancers, affect millions annually. How can healthy choices reduce the risk of cancer? Genetics, lifestyle and nutrition all affect an individual's...
Mindi and Her Grandmother Before Her Alzheimer's Diagnosis

Recognizing and Supporting Family Caregivers Who Give Selflessly Every Day

I didn’t see myself as a caregiver. I was 16 years old, juggling high school and extracurriculars and just trying to help my family. That’s when my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Once I got home from school, I...

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