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Interns 2019

Practicum Experience as Social Work Interns

By Julia Ollikainen and Trellie Johnson, MSW Interns A question we get asked often is, “Why social work?” For Julia, it felt like something she was called to do. For Trellie, it was having a job that had a purpose....
Tips better Grocery Shopping

5 Tips for Better Grocery Shopping

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and left with bags full of items you never intended to buy? Or on the way home remembered the one item you really need? Unfortunately, when we shop without a plan, we...
Cordie McKenzie Swenigan

Way2Go Transportation Helps 93-Year-Old Indy Woman Stay Independent

When 93-year-old Cordie needs to go to an appointment or to the grocery, she makes a call to CICOA. The nonprofit’s Way2Go transportation service picks her up at her house and takes her to wherever she needs to go. More than that, drivers...
Courtni Tex

I'll See You Again Someday

A care manager reflects on a client's passing Connie was unlike anyone I have ever known. She lived with post-polio syndrome for most of her life, which left her with limited movement in her upper body and none in her...
Sarah Baumgartner

CICOA’s First Occupational Therapy Resident Was Inspired by Her Grandparents

Sarah Baumgartner always knew she wanted to work with elderly people. She’s fascinated by their stories and passionate about helping them live independently. “I have the most wonderful grandparents and am very close to them,” Sarah said. “I would rather...
Trash Man Saves Man's Life

Trash collector becomes lifeline for Indianapolis man

Jerald Bradford has escaped death more times than his mom, Shelia Wright, can count. Over his 38 years, Jerald has had more than 30 brain surgeries, the first when he was just six months old after being born with traumatic...

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