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Make a difference for a lifetime

Make a Difference for a Lifetime

“Well, you know, she’s almost 80,” the daughter replied, with the classic wink and apologetic head-tilt when asked how her mother is doing. Too often, we as a society take for granted a progressively lower quality of life and less...
Vehicle Called Hope

A Vehicle Called Hope

“Cheer up—things can’t be that bad!”  How often has a well-meaning observer said something similar to you in an effort to be helpful, and the comment seemed flippant and insensitive to you?  You probably were less than appreciative (and the...
What's good for the goose

What’s Good for the Goose

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, as the old adage goes.  The saying sounds odd in today’s culture, but its meaning is quite applicable as we consider a double-standard that sometimes occurs among caregivers and their...
DOn't let you kitchen make you sick

Don't Let Your Kitchen Make You Sick

There are few places I’d rather be than in my kitchen, whether it’s trying a new recipe or entertaining friends and family. But the kitchen can be a dangerous place. There are sharp knives, hot stoves and boiling water. Of...
CICOA Blogs News

Mom Finds Strength Through Faith

It’s not easy being the mom of seven children, especially when two of them are disabled. Elva Farrell knows. Her youngest, Andrew, was born with a rare condition, diastrophic dysplasia, a form of dwarfism. While Andrew needs 24-hour care along...
CICOA Blogs News

Coloring Steadies Shaking Hands

Donald Thrush’s hands don’t stop shaking from the Parkinson’s disease he was diagnosed with in 1997. He’s now in stage 4. But, as he scoots up to a tray table, a crayon in his hand, his shaking slows. Eventually his...

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