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Adrienne Kennedy

An Inclusive and Welcoming Environment

No matter where I am or whom I encounter, I always want to be inclusive and respectful, as well as create a welcoming and safe space. That requires a “self check-in” every once in a while to ensure how I...
Help for Children with Disabilities and Special Medical Needs

Indy Mom Finds Strength to Care for Son She Nearly Lost

No mother should have to make the decision Lavenia was faced with last fall: Remove the ventilator that was keeping little Karter alive? Send him to an institution where he could receive 24-hour care? Or, find a way to care...
Shannon Harshman 420x300

Creating a Person-Centered Care Plan

By Shannon Harshman, Flourish Care Manager Independence, dignity, and quality of life. The manifestation of these three goals differs with each client, and it is the CICOA Flourish Care Manager’s role to address individual needs for clients in achieving these...

Cholesterol: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Cholesterol. We’ve all heard about how high cholesterol can have negative effects on our health, like increasing the risk for heart disease or a heart attack. But what exactly is cholesterol, and how do we control it? Although we usually...
Learning how to love again

Learning How to Love—Again

Caregiving is no easy task, whether the care recipient is a child, a spouse or an aging parent. Caring for a loved one with dementia can be one of the most challenging tasks a person may face. As our loved...
CICOA Friendly Visitor

Two Women Find Friendship Through CICOA

Diane Kobylinski was flipping through IndyBoomer Magazine when an article caught her eye: “The Rise of the Elder Orphan.” The article was about a CICOA program designed to help stave off depression and feelings of isolation that impact as many as 40...

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