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Ditch Dieting

Ditch Dieting

It’s a new year, and that means you may have made some resolutions. If you’re like most, you plan to lose weight or eat healthier. I’m urging people to forget about the New Year’s resolution to diet. Let’s face it,...
Cindy Hopper

Getting Troubles Out of Your Head

“Things are stressful, so it may be small, but it means the world,” Cindy said. “It makes you get your own troubles out of your head for a little bit.” Cindy was sitting in her recliner where she spends the...
Bringing Light to Dark Thoughts

Bringing Light to Dark Thoughts

This is not your typical holiday blog post.  This commentary—based NOT on research from the experts but on the personal observation and experience of its author—is for those of us facing the holiday season with some measure of grief, hardship,...
Amy Rohn

Music Therapy Offers “Healing” Experience for CICOA Clients

One of CICOA’s goals is to enrich the lives of those it serves. That’s now happening through music therapy. Amy Rohn, a Celtic harpist from Indianapolis, volunteers her time to bring her music into the homes of several CICOA clients...
In the interest of a healty brain

Just a Thought…in the Interest of a Healthy Brain

Memory loss is one of the most feared consequences of aging.  After all, it’s natural to want to learn and remember new things, make good decisions, interact well socially, and concentrate in our later years of life. If our interest...
Feeling Down Tips to Boost Mood

Feeling Down? These Tips can Boost your Mood

We all know that what we eat affects our waistline, but did you know that certain foods also can play a role in our mental health? Some foods can boost your mood, while others can make us feel blue. While...

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