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CICOA Blogs News

Indianapolis Man Finds Freedom in His New Apartment

Twimon Jones was working in construction in Indianapolis in 2001 when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He was just 26. Since then, the disease has robbed him of the ability to walk, to dress, even move his hands freely....
CICOA Blogs News

Former Social Worker and Caterer is Grateful for Care

The room started to spin, and LaVada Clark lost her balance and fell in the kitchen inside her Indianapolis condo. She was falling more often, and she knew she needed help. She called CICOA. LaVada used to refer people to...
Tips to Boost Appetite

Tips to Boost Your Appetite

As summer approaches, warmer temperatures sometimes zap our energy and our appetites. If you or a loved one don’t have much of an appetite, there are healthy ways for you to get the nutrition you need and regain your desire...

Preventing the Unthinkable – Elder Abuse

CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions is helping to spread awareness about elder abuse, neglect and exploitation through a new video, “Preventing the Unthinkable.” Now available for the public, the video is part of a six-part CareAware series, “Help and Hope...
Positive Attitude Nourishes Soul

Positive Attitude Nourishes the Soul

Let’s face it, attitude is everything. Yes, this is a nutrition blog, and I’m talking about attitude. But, attitude is beneficial in so many aspects of life, including overall wellness and the food choices that we make every day. These...
Eat Away stress the right way

Eat Away Your Stress the Right Way

When we’re stressed, we often reach for things we know aren’t good for us – a bag of chips, cookies, ice cream or a candy bar. That stress may come from getting bad news at a doctor’s office, it may...

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