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CICOA Blogs News

A Closer Look at Family

Of all the challenges that can be observed among family caregivers of an elderly parent, there is none so intriguing and complex as that of family dynamics and their potential to produce damaging, long-term conflict among adult siblings.  For a...
CICOA Blogs News

Army Veteran Relies on Way2Go After a Fall

One year ago, Elroy, 63, missed a step while walking in the dark and fell down a staircase. He fractured several vertebrae in his lower spine, which required reconstructive surgery at the Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center in Indianapolis. Suddenly, this...
CICOA Blogs News

Picking a Home Care Provider

In an earlier blog post, we established that respite is essential for caregivers who want to remain strong and healthy. Depending on circumstances, this respite is likely to come in the form of in-home assistance through a professional home care agency.  If...
Anna and Colleen

Anna’s New Friend Helps Her Get Organized

Life can get lonely as you age. Which is why CICOA offers the Friendly Visitor program, where volunteers visit seniors in their homes or in health care facilities to offer companionship and encouragement. “As we age, we don’t always have...
CICOA Blogs News

Take Action Against Caregiver Stress

One of the more interesting things to me about the phenomenon of caregiving is that every situation is unique, and yet its participants often share important characteristics.  For example: They often are unprepared for the role. They frequently feel isolated with less...
CICOA Blogs News

Building Your Caregiver Network

Several years ago I was delivering a workshop for family caregivers when I noticed someone in the audience crying. It didn’t seem appropriate to proceed without at least acknowledging this person’s discomfort and possibly adjusting my message. I paused and...

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