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CICOA Blogs News

Caregivers: Take Care of Your Heart

While caregiving is a rewarding experience, the added burden of caring for a loved one can have a tremendous physical and emotional impact. Oftentimes, caregivers get so caught up in maintaining their loved one’s health that they forget to take...
CICOA Blogs News

Aging & Disability Resource Center: What Happens When I Call?

The Aging & Disability Resource Center often is referred to as the “front door” of CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions. The ADRC is a one-stop resource center for programs and information on services for older adults and people with disabilities...
CICOA Blogs News

Senior Medicare Patrol Fights Fraud and Abuse

You’ve probably heard your friends and neighbors tales of Medicare fraud: scam artists asking for your Medicare card, providers charging for procedures you never had, or charging Medicare patients higher rates. Thankfully, in Indiana, there are senior citizens on patrol....
CICOA Blogs News

Respite Care: Why Caregivers Need Eight Hours A Week and Where to Get It

Caregiving can take a toll on caregivers, physically, mentally and emotionally. According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, caregiving can lead to increased stress, chronic health challenges and depression. It is important that caregivers have a break, or respite, from their caregiving...
CICOA Blogs News

Homeowner Considers Consequences of Falling

Leona Bishop, 74, tripped and fell down the stairs from her bedroom to her living room. Sore and bruised, but not injured, she began to consider the consequences of falling to her health and independence.  A short time later, she...
CICOA Blogs News

Respite for the Caregiver…Optional, or Mandatory?

As caregivers, we want to provide the very best possible care for our loved ones. Often, though, we can fall into the trap of being the sole caregiver, convinced that we don’t need much help (if any at all) and...

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