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A Newborn Teacher

Lilah was born on April 17, 2015, with Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB), a disease in which the skin is not anchored to the body. Affecting only one in one million births, it is known as "the worst disease you've...

Child Fights Brittle Bones With Unbreakable Spirit

This is a story about perseverance. Steven Jr. was born May 27, 2008, with a rare congenital bone disorder commonly referred to as brittle bone disease. Undiagnosed until after delivery, Steven entered the world with over 40 fractures, a shattered...
Improve your memory

Improve Your Memory by Remembering These Foods

The old adage “you are what you eat” is truer than most people realize. Many of us have varying degrees of awareness as to how certain foods impact our body’s appearance and performance, but have you ever considered how the...
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Marie Finds Mission After Neighbor Falls

Thirteen years ago, Marie and Charles moved into the home where Charles had grown up on the northeast side of Indianapolis. Many of their neighbors were older, having lived on the street for decades. The day one of them fell,...
Fall Prevention Kitchen Safety

Fall Prevention, Kitchen Safety Go Hand-in-hand

September is Fall Prevention Awareness Month and the perfect time for older adults and caregivers to use CICOA’s Home Assessment Checklist and Home Safety Tips. The kitchen poses many dangers for young and old alike, but older adults who may...
Taking steps for fall prevention

Taking STEPS for Fall Prevention

Recently I had the unnerving experience of losing my balance and falling while hiking precariously close to the edge of a deep gorge. Fortunately, there was no serious physical injury, but the impact certainly was painful!  In hindsight, I know...

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