Success Stories

The Car Wreck that Changed Everything

December 11, 2019
Nancy Mummert

When she was only 19 years old, Nancy Mummert lost her child, her ability to walk, and the ability to have children. Giving up, however, was not an option for her. The list of repercussions from the car wreck that changed everything was long and also included overall muscle weakness, poor balance and poor range…

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Having Nutritious Meals That Are Easy to Make Takes Away Burden for Indianapolis Woman

November 12, 2019
Easy, nutritious, delivered meals for seniors in Indianapolis

Cooking for one isn’t easy, especially when you’ve spent a lifetime sitting around a big family table passing heaping bowls of green beans, carrots and corn you’ve grown in the garden. Bessie Bell has good memories of those days, growing up the baby of ten siblings. She remembers her dad’s big garden, her mom canning…

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Parents Reflect on How CICOA Helped Their "Angel"

October 14, 2019
Long Family

Scott and Mandy Long describe August and September as “their season.” It’s an emotional time of year for them—their son Crew was born in August 2014, and passed away in September 2017. This year, like last year, they had a birthday party and a cake to celebrate his life. Crew was Scott and Mandy’s third…

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CICOA Makes Homes Safer for Seniors in Midtown

September 18, 2019
CICOA client Carleen outside her home

Carleen Carter, 70, has lived in the Crown Hill neighborhood of Indianapolis for 60 years, and she considers her involvement in the community to be one of her biggest joys. Now it’s the community’s turn to help her out. On Sept. 28, 25 volunteers will be doing home modification projects at her house as a…

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CICOA Volunteers Give Indy Woman a Safer, Tidier Home

September 11, 2019
Making home safer for seniors in Indianapolis

CICOA had a challenge on its hands. It’s the kind of challenge every nonprofit would love to have: too many volunteers. In 2018, Dan Amonett, certified aging in place specialist, was coordinating the work of more than 150 volunteers to improve safety at 20 homes in the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood during CICOA’s ninth annual Safe at…

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Out of the Chaos Into the Calm

August 7, 2019
CICOA clients Jennifer and Billy

When she started as a care manager at CICOA, Mr. B was the first client on Lara’s caseload. He had yet to start any services, and Lara was fresh out of grad school, eager but naïve about the difficulties awaiting both of them. Mr. B and his wife, Jennifer, were desperate to begin respite home health…

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71-Year-Old Living Comfortably This Summer With CICOA Air Conditioner

June 11, 2019
CICOA client with mobility issues

Last year, when 71-year old Eunice’s air conditioner broke, she had to endure the rest of the hot summer with only a fan. She was thankful for the fan, stating that “every little bit helped,” but she is even more thankful that CICOA is able to provide her with a new air conditioner this year.…

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Way2Go Transportation Helps 93-Year-Old Indy Woman Stay Independent

May 8, 2019
Cordie McKenzie Swenigan

When 93-year-old Cordie needs to go to an appointment or to the grocery, she makes a call to CICOA. The nonprofit’s Way2Go transportation service picks her up at her house and takes her to wherever she needs to go. More than that, drivers help her board the van and load her walker. “I just thank God for CICOA,…

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Trash collector becomes lifeline for Indianapolis man

April 22, 2019
Trash Man Saves Man's Life

Jerald Bradford has escaped death more times than his mom, Shelia Wright, can count. Over his 38 years, Jerald has had more than 30 brain surgeries, the first when he was just six months old after being born with traumatic brain injury. There were more surgeries in 2002 after he was brutally beaten, run over…

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CICOA Helps 109-Year-Old Age in Place

March 13, 2019
Bernice 109-year-old woman in Indianapolis

Want to know the secret to aging? Be good. That’s how Bernice Bohannon has tried to live her life. It’s what makes her happy. The mantra has served her well. She’ll celebrate her 109th birthday on March 14. She’s planning to make brownies for relatives who’ll be coming from out of town to help her celebrate.…

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