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Indianapolis Museum offers extra help for people with special needs

Indianapolis Museums Offer Extra Help for People with Special Needs

It’s summer time. And, we all need to take a break from our daily routines, whether it’s a weeklong family vacation or even just a day-long staycation. Deciding where to go can be a challenge for caregivers, as they want...
Shop Farmers Markets

7 Reasons Why You Should be Shopping at Farmers Markets

My favorite way to spend a summer Saturday morning is heading to my local farmers market. I like to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies for the week, maybe select a bunch of fresh flowers or fresh baked goods....
Awareness turns to Action

Awareness Turns to Action

The term “elder abuse” has many and varied connotations. When we hear the term, some of us are inclined to think of an elderly person being tricked into giving up major portions of a life’s savings, whether to unscrupulous family...
Happiness Diet

The Happiness Diet

We’ve all heard about how the foods we eat can affect our weight, our cholesterol and blood pressure, but what we eat also contributes to our overall mood and mental health. Eating for our mental health is the basis for...
10 Vegetables and herbs to grow at home

Ten Vegetables and Herbs to Grow at Home (Even in a Tiny Space)

Growing and maintaining your own vegetables, herbs and spices can be a rewarding experience. If you think you need a lot of space to garden, think again. You can grow small edibles on a windowsill, porch, or a small patch...
Rethink redefine reintroduce

Rethink, Redefine, Reintroduce: The Economics of FUN!

If you’ve been a caregiver for awhile, chances are you’ve frequently set aside some of the activities you consider nonessential in order to accomplish the necessary tasks of caring for someone else. The experience of having fun, for example, is...

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