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Learning from Annalise

At three and a half months old, Annalise had her first seizure. “We didn’t know what it was, so we took her to Riley,” said Annalise’s mom, Myriam. The doctors at Riley Hospital for Children ordered a CT scan. While...
Disaster Planning

Disaster Planning and Dementia

Only a couple of decades ago, the concepts of “emergency preparedness” and “disaster planning” were rarely discussed in public.  Of course, all of us have experienced the required drills at school or work (practicing evacuations for fire, extreme weather, or...
St.Vincent Partnership

Medical Residents Shadow CICOA Care Managers to Understand Environmental Challenges of Seniors

St. Vincent Health medical residents are getting real-world experience that most young doctors—or even veterans physicians—don’t get to do. They’re shadowing CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions care managers to better understand the environmental challenges that low-income seniors face. It is...

Atypical Diagnosis, Atypical Strength

People don’t know how strong they are until they have to be. “I’ve been lifting her every day since she was born, so I’ve been growing with her. She’s not heavy to me,” Sherry said. Sherry is speaking about her...
Three needs of special needs caregivers

Three Needs of Special Needs Caregivers

Writing or presenting new ideas for parents of children who have been living with disability for any length of time is an enormous challenge, and if you’re one of those parents, you know why! You have already championed, researched, reached...
Fun food for picky eaters

How to Make Healthy Food Fun for Kids

Ah, the challenges of raising a picky-eater. You know the type. They won’t eat anything green. They don’t want to try new things. They only want chicken nuggets. Pizza can only have cheese, and it has to the right kind...

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