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Scan Card Technology Simplifies CICOA Meal Voucher System

Meal Site Tablet

Meals & More, a service of CICOA, provides about 8,500 nutritionally balanced meals a month to older adults in central Indiana using an electronic meal accounting system built on QRyde technology. Since its inception two years ago, the technology has allowed CICOA to manage accounting of meals for more than 1,200 clients at 35 neighborhood meal sites and participating hospitals.

CICOA clients can purchase and recharge a QR-code electronic card for discounted meal vouchers. Meals are redeemed by electronically scanning the QR-code on mobile apps by on-site staff. The sites utilizing the accounting system are in the city of Indianapolis and seven surrounding counties. The system addresses the needs of clients who may not have a bank account but can utilize the electronic card for meals. Participating sites are reimbursed by CICOA based on the number of meals provided using the accounting system.

“Since adapting the QRyde system, our data management process has been simplified,” said Lisa Schneekloth, director of Meals & More. “The staff hours saved make it worth it. Participants seem to enjoy the simple scan card as opposed to keeping up with multiple paper vouchers. The yearly subscription fee provides affordable peace of mind knowing our data is safe and accessible.”

The electronic payment card using QRyde technology can be extended to other Area Agencies on Aging nationwide. All that is required to access this technology is:
• Web access to manage participants and electronic cards on the QRyde platform
• A printer to print cards for participants
• QRyde apps to validate electronic cards

QRyde provides technology for a complete back-office accounting system and assists agencies in providing better service to their constituents.