Meal Delivery Has Been a Godsend for Franklin Woman

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There have been days Rosemary just didn’t have the strength to make dinner. The 87-year-old Franklin woman has always been good about eating healthy, but over the last few years, she feels herself getting weaker.

“When I went to the doctor, I told him I’m doing okay, as far as eating, but by evening I don’t have enough energy to fix a meal,” Rosemary said.

He recommended she contact CICOA Aging & Home Solutions. That advice and her call later that day has changed her life. She now receives home-delivered meals through CICOA’s Meals and More program, which provides more than a half million meals annually to older adults across Central Indiana.

“It’s been a godsend,” Rosemary said. “I enjoy the variety and selection, and there’s always a green vegetable.”

Rosemary appreciates that the meals are prepared fresh in an Indianapolis kitchen, and dinner is no longer taxing, since it takes only a few minutes using the microwave. Even when she’s not feeling 100 percent, she’s no longer missing dinner because she doesn’t have the energy to cook.

While she is in good health today, Rosemary had polio 70 years ago. It was a mild case, but she’s had to wear a leg brace and her arms aren’t strong. She’s been a stickler about eating right and taking supplements, but she admits she’s never liked cooking. Her husband was a great cook, but he passed away nearly four decades ago, so she’s learned to do the best she can.

“I’ve had a good life,” she said. “It’s only been the last three years that I’ve started going down, and my body is getting weaker.”

Originally from Tell City in southern Indiana, she lives in her own home in Franklin and is lucky to have the help of a daughter-in-law and granddaughter, who live nearby.

She likes going to the Active Adult Center in Johnson County, where she tells others about CICOA meals.

How Seniors Can Get Home-Delivered Meals in Central Indiana

If you need nutritious meals delivered to your home in the Indianapolis area, call CICOA at (317) 803-6131 and ask about our home-delivered meals service. You can quickly begin receiving meals that are freshly prepared in an Indianapolis kitchen and frozen for convenient microwave heating at home.

In addition to our regular menu, CICOA offers meals for special diets – vegetarian, diabetic and low sodium heart healthy.

Fighting Senior Hunger in Central Indiana

For any number of reasons from financial to physical limitations, many seniors throughout Central Indiana face challenges to eating regular, healthy meals every day.

CICOA’s Meals and More service offers appetizing, nutritionally balanced meals. Eating right helps seniors stay healthy, manage chronic conditions and improve overall quality of life. You can help the seniors in your community by donating to our Give Meals campaign!

Your gift immediately alleviates hunger and food insecurity for seniors in need. A gift of $100 provides over two weeks of meals! Don’t let seniors go hungry this winter – please give today!

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