Med Students Become Dementia Friends

Medical Student Taking Online Class About Dementia Care

Something exciting is happening this month that could have a long-term impact across Indiana on the care provided to people with dementia: First-year students at Indiana University School of Medicine’s Indianapolis and Fort Wayne campuses will attend training seminars with Dementia Friends Indiana. Our hope is these seminars will be the beginning of a movement…

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Increased Gun Violence Impacts Indy Seniors

Isolated Senior Looking out Window at Neighborhood

For more than a decade, CICOA has set aside one morning a year to gather an army of volunteers to make homes safer for seniors. Called Safe at Home, the event annually brings together more than 120 volunteers to make homes safer for 20 senior homeowners. We’ve installed hundreds of grab bars, wheelchair ramps and…

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Transportation Is a Freedom Many in Our Community Lack

Way2Go Transportation

I take for granted my freedom to get up and go. A lot of us take our ease of travel for granted. If we want to go to the grocery, visit friends, or see a doctor, we hop in the car and drive. Our only concern may be which route to take. Recently I read…

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Person-centered Thinking Improves Quality of Life, Quality of Care

Person-centered care social worker with senior woman

CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions is working in partnership with Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) and other community partners to redesign long-term services and supports (LTSS). Our hope is that by 2024, we’ll have a managed care approach to improve access, cost and quality of services for older adults and people with disabilities…

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Best Senior Care Options: It’s About Location

Best senior care options

Location. Location. Location. You may think that’s important only in business, but it’s also important when considering health and quality-of-life. We call it the social determinants of health—a fancy phrase that means you’re likely to have better health outcomes when you live in an area that has less pollution, less crime, has sidewalks and offers…

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CICOA works with local, national organizations to find solutions through research

Stanford Fellows Visit CICOA in 2019

When organizations like the prestigious Regenstrief Institute, Stanford or Indiana University call to ask for help, your ears perk up. Afterall, we’re a community-based organization, not a national program. Our expertise is caring for vulnerable populations, not research. Nevertheless, CICOA has earned a national reputation for its programs, innovation and outcomes.   That is why…

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Forget the Box!

Think like there is no box

It’s how CICOA launched a for-profit business, Duett, and created an innovation studio How many times have you been told to “think outside the box?” My motto is, forget the box! What if we don’t let any boundaries get in the way of creative thinking? That’s where the real magic happens. As an example, let…

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