Take Action Against Caregiver Stress

May 19, 2015

One of the more interesting things to me about the phenomenon of caregiving is that every situation is unique, and yet its participants often share important characteristics.  For example: They often are unprepared for the role. They frequently feel isolated with less time for social interaction. They commonly neglect self-care and are reluctant to ask for help. Of…

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Building Your Caregiver Network

April 20, 2015

Several years ago I was delivering a workshop for family caregivers when I noticed someone in the audience crying. It didn’t seem appropriate to proceed without at least acknowledging this person’s discomfort and possibly adjusting my message. I paused and gently asked, “Is everything okay?” The caregiver responded that, yes, everything was great…now.  This person…

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Respite for the Caregiver…Optional, or Mandatory?

July 28, 2014

As caregivers, we want to provide the very best possible care for our loved ones. Often, though, we can fall into the trap of being the sole caregiver, convinced that we don’t need much help (if any at all) and that no one else can perform the necessary tasks to meet our high expectations. Unfortunately,…

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And the Best Substitute for Sleep Is…

October 25, 2013

Actually, there IS no substitute for sleep! Ironic, isn’t it?  Some of the things that make us better caregivers are the very things that are in short supply because of caregiving. One glaring example of this is sleep. We don’t need research to prove that sleep deprivation causes problems with reflexes and decision making. What…

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The Writing on the Wall

November 5, 2012

As a very young girl learning to read, I was fascinated by the decorative plaques embellishing the walls of my grandparents’ modest living room. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and “A stitch in time saves nine” were my favorites—although I must admit that, at the time, I didn’t understand what…

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