What is a CICOA Care Plan?

CICOA works with each of its clients to provide a care plan outlining a client’s needs and goals, plus the identified services for reaching those goals. Each plan is client-centered and personalized. For example, a senior with mobility issues might have a care plan that includes arrangements for home-delivered meals, assistance with daily personal care  and light homemaking.

While each CICOA care plan is unique, here are five things to know about care plans:

1. A care plan is developed with CICOA’s mission in mind to empower older adults, those of any age with a disability and family caregivers to achieve the greatest possible independence, dignity and quality of life.

2. A care plan is created after a face-to-face assessment by a CICOA field options counselor or a care manager. An assessment identifies health problems, examines supports a person may have in place already, and provides an eligibility screen to determine if the client meets the criteria for specific programs and services. The care manager also will assess other areas, including a client’s nutritional needs,  cognitive functioning  and opportunities for meaningful socialization.

3. A care plan is developed with and agreed upon by the client and options counselor or care manager. Family members, caregivers or guardians also may be involved in the care plan process, if agreed upon by the client.

4. A care plan is comprehensive and includes specific goals and the services needed to reach those goals. The plan may include services offered through CICOA and other community resources as well as informal support from caregivers such as family members, neighbors or friends.

5. A care plan may change as needs change. A care plan is reviewed at least every 90 days, and the client and options counselor or care manager may consider changing the types of services needed based on a change in the client’s condition. A client may request changes if he/she feels the need for more or less support.

Individuals or caregivers who contact CICOA’s Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) to refer a client can speak with a phone options counselor who will collect initial information, determine eligibility for services, and assist with coordinating suggested next steps.

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