Workshops and Presentations

Staff from CICOA's Aging & Disability Resource Center and CareAware departments offer a variety of free, onsite workshop opportunities and presentations for businesses, civic organizations, government, and faith communities to provide critical resource information to caregivers and anyone in a position to assist older adults and caregivers. All workshops include substantial supportive print material.

We are working to offer these presentations virtually, so please contact us to see how we can offer this educational opportunity to your group! See contact information below.

CICOA Workshops and Presentations

For Caregivers

  • CareAware Options For Caregivers
    When suddenly faced with caregiving responsibilities and you are seeking information about what needs to be done, how to start or whom to call, let CICOA help with the vital information in this workshop! We’ll explain important keys for resources as well as survival tips for managing stress during the caregiving journey.
  • Managing Work and Care
    Ideal for caregivers attempting to balance the responsibilities of work, family, and taking care of a loved one, this workshop provides important information that is essential, if not lifesaving! It can be facilitated at any work site and will accommodate any employee work schedule.  (Encourage your human resources department to offer this for you and your caregiving coworkers!)
  • Holiday Caregiver Stress: Manage the Menace!
    Can caregiving and happy holidays actually coexist? Yes, of course they can!  Being proactive to organize and simplify can ensure not only happy holidays—but also the care recipient's well-being and everyone’s peace of mind.  In this workshop, caregivers gain tips for managing stress during holidays.
  • Activities of Daily Living: Assisting a Loved One with Dementia
    Activities necessary for safety in personal care, e.g. bathing and medication management, can be tricky for caregivers of people with dementia for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s even difficult to know when and how to step in to assist. This workshop offers tips, strategies and resources for challenging scenarios that a caregiver may encounter.
  • When It's Time for a Change: Considerations in Choosing a Residential Facility
    When medical professionals advise that it’s time for institutional care in a nursing home as the safest option for your loved one, making arrangements can be emotionally and physically exhausting. This workshop provides invaluable information to assist you with finding, evaluating and ultimately choosing a facility.

For Professionals (In-Service)

  • Healthcare Providers
    If your organization has specific questions about CICOA policies, protocols and processes or just needs general information about services pertaining to aging and disability, this in-service workshop can be invaluable for strengthening your team to assist patients and caregivers.
  • Community Leaders
    If you could offer Hoosiers the greatest possible dignity, independence and quality of life—while simultaneously helping Indiana taxpayers save money—would you do it? This workshop demonstrates the value and how-to’s of community support for older persons, those of any age with a disability, and family caregivers—for the benefit of all Hoosiers!
  • First Responders
    Developed with the assistance of local firefighters, this in-service presentation introduces first responders to CICOA as a critical community partner and resource, and why the partnership is so important.
  • Person-centered Caregiver Communication
    Good communication is a strong predictor of outcomes in working with caregivers, but it requires insight and practice. This workshop discusses recommended techniques for active listening in caregiver encounters. In addition, it teaches participants to recognize and avoid 21 practices and 7 common clichés known to impede or block successful communication in the clinical setting.
  • Preventing the Unthinkable: Averting Elder Abuse Secondary to Caregiver Burnout
    Elder mistreatment (i.e. abuse and neglect) is defined as “intentional actions that cause harm or create a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable elder by a caregiver or other person who stands in a trust relationship to the elder.” This workshop explores the  urgency of preventing caregiver burnout and how to do that—for the benefit of both the caregiver and care recipient.

For Seniors

  • Seniors Fighting Ageism
    How do YOU feel about growing older?  Did you know that having a great attitude about one’s future can dramatically increase life expectancy, memory and balance?  This informative workshop discusses the many contributions exclusively provided by older persons to our society and dispels the unfortunate myths about old age. Clearly demonstrating statistically how it is possible to improve one’s own quality of life, this workshop also teaches the importance of fighting the prevalent attitudes today that would discourage us from fully engaging.
  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
    Are you one of the 57,000 grandparents in Indiana raising a grandchild? This workshop, specifically designed for the new kinship care situation, offers a good working knowledge of community and government supports that will be beneficial to you for the duration.
  • Seniors And Poison: How To Stay Safe®
    This powerful, interactive workshop is developed by the Indiana Poison Center to increase the protection of both seniors (and the children in their lives) from accidents and misuse of medications and household substances.
  • Seniors And Balance: How To Stay Safe
    Did you know that simply being afraid of falling can statistically increase a person’s risk for a fall?  Many people are so afraid of falling that they actually cut back on activities they enjoy—which can dramatically reduce independence, social interaction and quality of life.  Participants in this workshop have fun while learning proven techniques for reducing fall risk.
  • Seniors and Eye Health
    This workshop provides essential information concerning the most common eye disorders that can rob older adults of their vision. We’ll learn what these disorders are—their causes, risk factors, symptoms and treatment—and more importantly, measures that may be critical to prevention.
  • Seniors And Driving: How To Stay Safe
    One of the most challenging, controversial questions related to aging is often that of whether or not an individual is safe to drive. This workshop offers great tips for older drivers, caregivers, and anyone concerned about road safety.

For Community Members

  • Aging Awareness And Sensitivity Training
    Society often refers to growing older as an unfortunate fate, and our language often reflects some of the myths that even older adults may believe about themselves.  If you’ve ever laughed about having a “senior moment” or described someone as “over the hill,” this workshop is for you!  In it we separate facts from myth with regard to the aging process and teach appropriate communication with older persons.  (This is an excellent in-service training for corporate customer service departments or any group wanting to increase its understanding of aging.)
  • Stress: Manage the Menace!
    Stress (another word for the brain’s response to life’s demands) is experienced by all of us, and most are aware that a chronic state of stress can wreak havoc on our bodies. However, not all stress is bad!  In this workshop, participants learn the difference between good and bad stress, how to recognize burnout, and discover how to consistently and effectively manage the kind of stress that hurts us.
  • CareAware Options For People Of Faith
    This workshop focuses on techniques for reaching out and ministering to caregivers in very practical ways within a faith community. Information about CICOA services and other community resources also is provided.
  • CICOA Services Overview
    CICOA is the premier source for information and access to resources for Central Indiana seniors, persons with disabilities and family caregivers. This presentation provides a good overview of available services and promises to enlighten even those who are already aware of the organization.

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Solutions Guide

The CICOA Solutions Guide is a resource for seniors, people with disabilities and family caregivers in Central Indiana.

CareAware Video Series

Help and Hope for Family Caregivers is a free six-part video series and accompanying workbook to help meet the emotional, physical and logistical demands of caregiving. Each video features interviews with subject matter experts and real life family caregivers.

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