Eating Without Utensils

Handheld foods to eat without utensils

Good nutrition is key to healthy aging. However, many older adults live with a variety of conditions—including dementia, arthritis or tremors—that can impact their ability to feed themselves using utensils. If a loved one has trouble with utensils for any…

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How to Eat Healthy from a Dollar Store

Senior woman buying canned goods at dollar store

Eating well-balanced meals with lots of colorful fruits and veggies, whole grains and a limited amount of sugar, sodium and saturated fat is essential for healthy aging and may also…

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10 Inexpensive Kitchen Gift Ideas for Seniors

Kitchen gift ideas for seniors and grandparents

Many traditions revolve around food, especially during the holidays. This holiday season, if you are looking for easy, inexpensive gift ideas for seniors, gifts that promote better nutrition can be…

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Happy Holidays, Caregivers and COVID-19

Caring for seniors holidays COVID-19

The holidays can be a happy time for many people. Those living with dementia, however, often feel some agitation or distress during the season because of the many losses they…

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Eat What’s in Season for Healthy Aging

Collard greens and apples

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is essential for healthy aging. Eating at least five servings daily—three of vegetables and two of fruit—has been linked to lowering the risk of…

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Be Active Every Day to Improve Your Life

Seniors active in the fall

Exercise has many physical and cognitive benefits. Physical activity can improve sleep, mood and balance, as well as reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. Exercise…

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