Ready to Cash in Your Business? Tips to Save Some Money

Senior couple meeting with advisor to sell business

Ten thousand people turn 65 every day. With advances in medicine, this could begin the writing of many chapters in your life’s book throughout a long and healthy retirement. Naturally, there is nothing magical about this age and many a successful business owner has retired at 65, 70, 80 or much younger. For most business…

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Charitable Planning and the American Rescue Plan

Older couple working on taxes together

If you have not yet filed your 2020 income tax return, do not fret. The deadline for filing 2020 returns has been extended from April 15 to May 17, 2021. As we complete the first quarter of 2021, key legislation has already passed that you need to be aware of as you put together your…

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A Resolution That You Can and Should Keep

Financial planner meeting with couple with face masks during pandemic

Now that January has come and gone, how are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? If you are like me, making New Year’s resolutions is easy; keeping them is a different story. Whether you did or didn’t make any resolutions this year, one you should make now is to create an estate plan (if…

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Estate Plans: Let’s Complete the Process

Estate Planning

As we reviewed recently, updating or completing an estate plan is something we do not like to think about but need to get done. Action steps include: Figure out the person(s) or place (like a bank) that you want to carry out your estate plans. Getting a plan done is nice, but someone will need…

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Estate Plans: Time to Get Them Done or Updated

Estate Planning in Central Indiana

Let’s face it, there are things that we do not want to think about now or ever, but you and I know these things must get done. My friends, let’s move to the top of our “COVID-19 Get It Done” list and tackle job number one: estate planning. In times like this when all other…

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