President’s Corner

Community Health Is an Issue We All Need to Care (And Get Excited) About

August 31, 2022

Someone asked me recently: Why should businesses care about community health? I love questions like this because it gives me a chance to tell them how the work CICOA does…

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Times Are Changing, and That’s Good for Seniors

August 3, 2022
Putting on new running shoes

Change can be hard. Even for a guy like me who welcomes change, it comes with challenges. I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve when we are ready to roll…

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Home Repairs Make Homes Safer For Seniors; Paying For Them Is A Challenge

July 5, 2022
Man using drill to make bathroom safety modification for a senior

You know the saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is?” How many times have you heard that growing up? How many times have you repeated that…

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Understanding People’s Pain Points Helps CICOA Build Solutions

June 8, 2022
Research on older adults

CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions and its research partners are getting attention from national geriatrics experts. We were thrilled to get an invitation to present at the American Geriatrics Society…

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It’s Time for Our Voices To Be Heard, Even if We Can’t Buy Twitter

May 4, 2022

If I had $44 billion (that’s the amount Elon Musk paid to buy Twitter), I wouldn’t buy a social media platform, but I would allocate a decent amount of it…

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Volunteers Make the World Go Round

April 6, 2022
Tauhric Brown Volunteering as Youth Basketball Coach

As I was watched the South Carolina women’s basketball team dominate powerhouse UConn for the National Championship over the weekend, and then Kansas beat the Tar Heels on Monday night,…

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An Open Letter to Central Indiana Seniors

March 3, 2022

Dear Central Indiana adults 60 and older, Please let me take this opportunity to let you know that we care about you. We value your contributions to our community. We…

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Meeting You Where You Are: Diversity in Our Values

February 2, 2022
Caregiver son and mother meeting with social worker

It doesn’t really matter where I grew up, how I grew up or how I view the world. Sure, it matters to me, because my background has shaped my life,…

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It’s Time to Reinvent the Wheel

January 4, 2022
Forward-thinking business strategy

We’ve all heard the saying: “There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.” Yet, as I think about this today, I am shifting my focus and adapting to some new realities.…

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My Holiday Wish: An End to Food Insecurity

December 1, 2021
Food insecurity in Indianapolis

Like so many of you, I gathered around the table with family this Thanksgiving in front of heaping platters of food. Good food. Healthy food. Ok, some not so healthy…

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